YouTube's No. 1 star talks fast, confuses kids

April 26, 2011 at 11:56 AM ET

With more than 3.4 million followers, Ryan Higa (aka "nigahiga")  is the star of the most subscribed-to YouTube channel of all time.

That's even more than "Fred," the hyperactive, helium-voiced 6-year-old played by teenager Lucas Cruikshank, and the one YouTube star most grown-ups have heard of largely because he's also got a Nickelodeon movie and/or appeared in a really uncomfortable segment on "Tosh.0." 

If you've never heard of nigahiga, now's your chance! The Fine Brothers — YouTube rock stars in their own right — turn their spotlight on nigahiga in the latest episode of "Kids React." As with "Kids React to Charlie Sheen" and other entries, the Fines inflict Internet memes on kids for the amusement and education of adults.

More on the Fine Brothers:

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