Your mood determines how this e-book ends

Feb. 17, 2012 at 1:33 PM ET

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"99 Reasons Why," a clever quiz-based choose-your-own-adventure book will become available on the Kindle (pictured) in March.

Many of us spent our childhoods reading choose-your-own-adventure books that allowed us to make critical decisions for characters in order to arrive at one of many possible story endings — but as we grew up, so did choose-your-own-adventure books.

As the UK-based Independent explains, a soon-to-be-released novel by the name of "99 Reasons Why" is a prime example of this phenomena. The novel is written by Caroline Smailes and it offers 11 possible endings … one of which will be selected based on the reader's mood.

No, "99 Reasons Why" doesn't come with some sort of strange mind-reading contraption or even an old-school mood ring — it's simply an e-book with a quiz at the beginning. This multiple-choice quiz will ask readers about colors, numbers and objects to determine their tastes and moods.

Once that part is out of the way, readers can go on and read until they arrive at the ending selected for them, which could range "from a 'happily ever after' to a grisly Quentin Tarantino outcome." They can also choose to re-take the quiz or read through the alternate endings if they'd like.

"99 Reasons Why" will become available on the Amazon Kindle as well as many other e-book readers in March.

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