Yahoo! Questions, so-called 'answers,' still priceless

March 22, 2011 at 5:07 PM ET

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Oh sure, when it comes to questions asked (and answered) on the Internet, Quora is the darling of the intellectual set — as well as those inquiring minds that actually want their questions ... um ... answered. Unlike other Internet answer boards, "normal users seem to be comprised of an army of execs from hot startups and tech giants," according to Business Insider.


Wit-meister Wendy Rose Gould over at the indispensable happy farm Urlesque reminds us that nothing provides answers like Yahoo! Questions.  The "source of triumphant Internet memes like How Is Babby Formed" continues to  "provide hours upon hours of uncontrollable laughter," she writes. "In fact, browsing the Q/A boards at Yahoo! and other sites is one of my go-to methods for cheering myself up. (Other effective methods include giggling babies and anything to do with fuzzy felines.

Still, while the question that created the How Is Babby Formed sensation is more than over five years old, Gould finds that Yahoo! Questions is still cranking out the hilarious. From "What brand dog should I get?" to the grammatically capricious, "I had a dream where i had sex with my mom? mother?" Gould breaks out "10 Priceless Yahoo! Questions and Answers from 2011."

And it's only March!

via Urlesque

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