Why you shouldn't plan on working at a record store or newspaper

March 29, 2011 at 1:40 PM ET

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When was the last time you were in a record store? Yeah, we can’t remember either (maybe it was December, but that was to buy concert tickets).

Market research firm IBISWorld.com analyzed its database of 700 industries and came up with 10 that, if not dead, are circling the drain.

They are, in order of most revenue earned in 2010 to least:

  1. Wired communications carriers
  2. Mills
  3. Newspaper publishing
  4. Apparel manufacturing
  5. DVD, game and video rents
  6. Manufactured home dealers
  7. Video postproduction services
  8. Record stores
  9. Photofinishing
  10. Formal wear and costume rental

While some aren’t surprising (Hello Blockbuster! How are those late fees treating you?), it does give an interesting glance into where we may be as a country. Are we slobs that never dress up anymore? And given the housing market, you’d think a mobile home might be an attractive option due to its affordability.

Which one of these do you still patronize?