When Muppets battle OK Go, we all win

Aug. 23, 2011 at 1:55 PM ET

"As much as we’d like the Muppets Newsman to announce 'This just in, OK Go drop in with the Muppets!' and then have the guys fall from the sky on top of him (like that cow did that one time)," reads Tuesday's post on OK Go's official blog, "it’s probably best to just say it: OK GO MADE A VIDEO WITH THE MUPPETS!"

That's right, kids! The two most actively meme-pursuing acts on the Interwebs battle it out in the new video for the "Muppet Show" theme song, OK Go's contribution to the upcoming Muppet-tribute LP, "The Green LP."

As you may recall, OK Go inadvertently started its viral precedent with the charming breakout video, "Here It Goes Again," performed on treadmills. Then there's the Rube Goldberg goodness of "This Too Shall Pass," "White Knuckles" (my favorite — it features dogs and also a goat), and July's "All Is Not Lost," made in interactive goodness with dance troupe Pilobolus and Google’s Play With Chrome project.

All of the above are referenced in the new Muppet homage, as OK Go attempts to make yet another overly complicated contribution to its video library, only to be infiltrated and overthrown by Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, chickens and even those old dudes in the balcony, who assert their viral dominance gained with the 2009 comeback cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rapshody."

"The Green Album" Muppet tribute is also available, with musicians My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Weezer and others joining OK Go. NPR is streaming that in its entirety on Tuesday, and you can pre-order through iTunes.

"Perhaps most exciting of all, though, OK Go and The Muppets will perform together live on the 'Tonight Show' on August 31st," adds the OK Go blog. " It’ll be like National-Be-Late-To-Work/Class-Because-You-Watched-OK-Go-on-the-Tonight-Show-on-April-28th Day but, in August instead. So make your plans now."

More viral video goodness from OK Go:

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