This week's buzz: Working, but waiting to quit

April 5, 2013 at 11:32 AM ET

Psst, bosses: Take a good look around your office. There’s a good chance at least some of your workers are counting the days until they can take this job and shove it.

A Life Inc. post this week looking at how workers might bolt if the job market gets stronger prompted many workers to confess that they are coming to work with an eye to the door.

About 23 percent of the more than 12,000 readers who took our survey admitted that they hate their jobs. Another 60 percent said they’d be open to a better job if one came along.

The dour outlook comes after years of a tight job market that has left many employees working hard for the same – or less – pay and benefits.

 “They squeeze you like getting blood out of a turnip. Work you to death and generally treat you with disrespect. Bring it on!” one reader complained.

Others lamented that their work environment has left them demoralized, frustrated or angry.

“It's hard to stay energized while watching management all but suck the life out of an organization,” one reader lamented.

Many said they just don’t feel valued.

 “If management didn't treat us as though we are a dime a dozen, I wouldn't be looking,” one reader said.

Only about 12 percent of our readers said they love their jobs. Many of those workers said they were grateful to have a good employer.

“I was laid off for 10 months when things were bad, but was asked back when they improved. My boss has always paid and treated me well,” one reader said.

For those workers who are unhappy, it could still take a long time to find new work.

The jobless report released Friday showed a severe slowdown in the number of jobs being created. That means many people who want a new job may find that there isn’t a good one out there – yet.

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