The week's buzz: Hogwarts, the economy and group coupon regret

July 22, 2011 at 12:28 PM ET

 It would probably take some serious magic for most of us to be able to afford to send our kids to Hogwarts.

A post this week on the very steep estimated cost of sending a child to the fictional school in the Harry Potter series generated plenty of discussion this week on our Life Inc. blog – including many who wondered if you could qualify for a “spell grant.”

Back in the real world, we’ve got more weighty worries on our minds: The nation’s economic conditions. Although talk in Washington has focused mainly on the debt ceiling, many of our readers say they’re much more worried about issues hitting closer to home: When the economy will improve, and when we’ll all get jobs.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the nation’s weak economic conditions, the daily deal industry has been growing like wildfire. You know the drill: For a short time only, you can buy a group coupon good for a deep discount at a restaurant, yoga club or other happening.

There’s only one problem: Sometimes you buy a group coupon only to find that you can’t use it. A post this week on the emerging market for reselling group coupons generated plenty of buzz about the new phenomenon known as group coupon regret.

And finally, it turns out we’re still peeved with Netflix for their recent decision to change their pricing plan, effectively raising rates for many people. A post about how far Netflix’s reputation has fallen since the announcement prompted many of you to weigh in on our Facebook page.

“Cancelling my account before the price change goes into effect!!! Great way for Netflix to lose a lot of money!” one reader wrote on Facebook.

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