Website creates 'legally defensible' Valentine's Day cards

Feb. 14, 2012 at 1:18 PM ET

Docracy /

Ah, Valentine's Day! It's a time for romance, flowers, candy and ... contracts?

Alright, so maybe most of us aren't exactly looking to draft up some sort of legally binding documents for our sweethearts, but just in case we decide to do so, there's a site which'll make the whole process a breeze.

The website's called Docracy and it is an online collection of legal documents. Docracy has been around for a while, so we won't dwell much on the site in general. Instead we're more interested in one of the documents on the site, one labeled "Be My Valentine - Lawyer Edition." This particular item allows you to fill in a small number of blanks in order to generate what is described as a "romantic yet legally defensible Valentine's Day card."

The generated text explains to your beloved that he or she is being granted the title of "Valentine" and expected to give you the same in turn. There are a couple of clauses specifying that the title can't be granted to another individual for the duration of the agreement, that there will be some displays of public affection, and that the agreement is considered null and void at the end of Valentine's Day or when "both parties wake up together."

Mind you, there are no details regarding which — if any — courts would consider a delightful Valentine's Day card such as the one generated by Docracy to actually be legally binding.

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