Viva Las Vegas at this home indeed

July 19, 2011 at 12:39 PM ET

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A serene desert setting 15 minutes from the action.

Listing: 6 bed, 10 bath, golf-course location

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $4,999,900

After selling homes for almost 40 years, real estate agent Florence Shapiro has seen changes in her clients' real estate preferences.

"In 1973 we didn't have million dollar houses," she said. "Now people are looking for style. They want lines, they want the house to be unique."

That's just what this property is, she says. It took three years for this custom built home to be completed in 1990. Shapiro talks passionately about the house's architectural merits, saying "When you have good lines to start with, the house always keeps those lines."

It's an extravagant home with a dining room table that can seat 12 to 14 people, a living room that looks more like a hotel bar, a gourmet kitchen with a separate prep kitchen behind it and a hidden entrance to the study from a door located in one of the master bedroom's closets.

"Even though it's grandiose, it's still very warm and inviting. Very timeless," Shapiro said.

A highlight of the home is the placement of the bedrooms. The master suite is on the main floor, off to one side, while there are three bedrooms upstairs, ideal for the children.

"Even if the children leave to go to college, you can still live downstairs without having to go upstairs," she said. 

The home, which is 15 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, is located right on a golf course in the Spanish Trail Community, which also features a private country club.

The home has been on the market for three months.

Listing courtesy of Luxury Real Estate and Shapiro & Sher Group.


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You don't necessarily need a cart since the course is in your backyard.


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Las Vegas heat starting to get to you? There's a pool for that.


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All that's missing from the living room is a casino. Or you could get in the car and drive 15 minutes.