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Viral video vote: Grinch kitty, dream gift, more

Dec. 27, 2012 at 11:06 PM ET


You saw them all on TODAY (wait, you didn't? Get watching!). Now, decide which one made you cringe, clap and just plain LOL the most.

Will a dad's amazing reaction to a dream present win over more viewers than a dancing traffic reporter, or a Grinch kitty? Those compete against the ghost elevator prank, a two-time winner.

Have a viral video candidate for next week? Add a link to the comments below.

Dad unwraps dream Christmas gift

Grinch cat doesn't approve of gift wrapping

Reporter is a 'traffic man' with dance party antics

**Previous winner**
Ghost elevator prank terrifies riders

This poll is now closed. The results are listed below:

Dad's reaction to gift – 34 percent

Grinch cat hates wrapping – 7 percent

Traffic reporter dances – 45 percent

Elevator prank scares riders– 13 percent

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