There's only one reason for a 'happy period,' Richard

Oct. 19, 2012 at 10:32 AM ET

Richard Neill has already received a humorous apology from a panty liner company.

He probably also deserves a thank you – for the rant that launched plenty of laughs from our readers this week.

Neill is the man who posted a sarcastic rant on the Facebook page of a British panty liner company, in which he complained that – contrary to a lifetime of commercials he’s seen – he has come to find out that getting one’s period isn’t all pleasant.

Some companies might have just ignored the whole thing.

But Bodyform did just the opposite. It created its own hilarious “apology,” in the form of a video in which the company’s fake CEO fesses up about the truth of that time of the month.

More than 90 percent of the readers who took our poll loved Bodyform’s response.

Plenty of those readers had their own humorous thoughts for Richard as well.

“Too funny! Someone please show me a woman who is happy to get her period (unless it answers pregnancy fears). Lol,” one reader aptly noted.

Our readers even dared to get a bit edgy themselves.

“Had to use one of their pads to dry my eyes, as I was laughing so hard,” one reader wrote.

Yes, few readers thought the whole thing was pointless or distasteful.

But here’s the upshot for all you advertisers out there: Most readers were happy to see a company take a risk.

“Everyone is so uptight and worried they'll say the wrong thing, it’s great to see a company do this,” one wrote.

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