Pinterest’s top pins show contrast between travelers’ fantasies and realities

A rock in Scotland, a lagoon in Iceland, and a field of bluebonnets in Texas are among the most frequently shared travel photos on...

'Pink stinks': Protests greet Berlin's Barbie Dreamhouse

It is possibly the German capital’s most visible new tourist attraction, but the opening of the bright pink Barbie Dreamhouse Experience was picketed Thursday by women’s groups protesting the “cliché of the female role in society.”

Happiest seaside towns

This is the second year the magazine "Coastal Living" has named America’s Happiest Seaside Towns, and this time they let our readers...

ABBA in concert
Courtesy Anders Hanser©Premium Rockshot

8 places to go before you have kids

Having kids doesn't mean you can never travel again, of course. Yet once you've gone from packing a suitcase and two carry-ons to dealing...