Taco Bell, and teen, draw raves for thinking outside the buns

Jan. 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM ET

Lots of people post requests on company Facebook pages. Not that many companies respond to those requests like Taco Bell did.

The news this week that Taco Bell agreed to produce a custom-made bathing suit for a teen athlete after the teen posted a plea on their Facebook page mostly drew raves from Life Inc. readers.

Fifteen-year-old swimmer Ryan Klarner asked Taco Bell if the company would produce a custom Speedo with the words “think outside the buns” written on it.

The company, a division of Yum! Brands, responded by asking what size he wore and what his address was. Then, the company sent him two Speedos, featuring the company’s old and new logos.

Many applauded Taco Bell’s marketing savvy in agreeing to make the Speedos, which they noted amounts to relatively low-cost publicity for the company.

“Awesome. Without a shadow of a doubt, this increased my respect for Taco Bell,” one reader wrote.

Others were happy to see a teen succeed – and to read a happy story for a change after so many weeks of political strife and fiscal cliff woes.

“Wow! Thanks Taco Bell! A happy story with kids doing great things asking for little... No "Cliffs" or "Crisis" or Red and Blue conflicts... A happy story! Hope the kid did great at his meet!” another reader wrote.