Suze Orman in live chat responds to an uncontrollable spender

March 11, 2011 at 5:06 PM ET

Suze Orman, host of CNBC's "The Suze Orman Show" and best-selling author, joined us for a live Web chat Friday morning following her special TODAY series, "The New American Dream."

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Here are two of her answers to questions from the live chat. See below for the full Q&A.

Question from Christy:

Hi Suze! We are a military family struggling to make ends meet. Our credit is poor and I can't control my spending ... What can I do?? We want to buy a house soon but seriously have NOTHING saved!

Suze's answer:

Christy -- Warning! Warning! if you can't control your money, how do you expect to buy a home and not get into trouble? Until you can change your behaviors, which means figuring out why are you self-destructing -- financially speaking -- you are not to even consider buying a home.


Remember: People first, then money, then things. I have faith in you -- do you have faith in yourself? Thank you and your family for all your service to our country. 

Question from Dingos Mom:

My husband is in charge of all our finances. (i.e. does our taxes, pays bills, etc.). How do I hide accounts from him? I would love to have some spending money without insulting him. 

Suze's answer:

Dingo's Mom - Well ... this is actually not a question about money. This is a question about WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH SOMEBODY you feel you have to hide money from?

The mere fact that you allow him to pay all the bills, taxes, etc. is not a statement about him, it's a statement about you and your inability to own your own power and that makes me sad.

You need to have a talk with your husband and set things right and stand in your truth!

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