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'Support Prince Harry with a naked salute' Facebook group bares almost all

Aug. 29, 2012 at 1:30 PM ET

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More than 23,000 people have joined the Facebook page to "salute" Prince Harry.

Brits, and now those from around the world, who want to "show" their support for Prince Harry, recently caught on camera with his birthday suit on in a Las Vegas hotel room, are being asked to do just that on a Facebook page that has gone almost as viral as the prince's photos themselves.

"Please cover your crown jewels" and "tag yourself in your photo as proof of your support to the nation's favorite Royal!" exclaims the page, which set up by a former British soldier.

Jordan Wylie, of Blackpool, told the Daily Mail that "It was outrageous (that) Harry was criticized for his antics in Las Vegas because he is just one of the lads." Harry, 27, is more than just one of the lads among those in the military; he served in the army in Afghanistan four years ago, and says he would like to return to frontline action.

The prince — who has been mum so far on the incident — "might might be a royal but he is also a hard-working Apache helicopter pilot and he wants to have some fun," Wylie told the newspaper. "I’m sure Harry will be quietly smiling about the Facebook group."

Other people are smiling, too. Soldiers from the U.S. and other countries, as well as civilians, are adding their "support," covering up their privates with British flags and some soldiers are using their, er, guns, making the Facebook page one of the randiest — and busiest.

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In fact, it's gotten so much response that a website has also been set up for those who want to post photos. On Twitter, the #salute4harry" hashtag has been trending.

"Salute" Facebook page administrator Lee Kirton, of Her Majesty's Royal Forces, says on the page he "never imagined we would get 75 members, never mind over 42k if we added everyone waiting. From the initial idea of uploading pics onto a Facebook account wall by Jordan Wylie after receiving a few pics from friends in the pub," it has been a "roller-coaster already."

Now those behind the effort are trying to "put a team in place to make sure some good comes out of all this support we have received, from all four corners of the world and possibly raise some money for a good cause."

Good cause or not, it's giving a lot of people a good laugh. And maybe, for an Internet minute, taking the focus off the prince's privates and onto others'.

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