Pinterest helps clever crafter clean house -- and save marriage?

Feb. 24, 2012 at 12:23 PM ET

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Oh Pinterest! Is there nothing you're not good for?

Non-profits use the bulletin board-style social network to raise awareness for their causes. Would-be first lady Ann Romney joined Pinterest to counter an anti-Romney crusade on the same site. Even the U.S. Army loves Pinterest, with 24 boards and 580 pins ranging from basic training and soldiers to families, fashion and chow.

And not only can you use Pinterest to plan your wedding, the Internet darling of 2012 can save a marriage as well.

"Homes that are super clean and organized remind me of Stepford wives and I don't have time for that crap," writes Jennifer Borget, a TV news reporter and active crafter, in her blog, baby making machine (pointed out by Mashable). "Problem is, that was the number one thing my husband and I would argue about ... Keeping our place clean."

Borget's Pinterest-inspired hobby of making dresses for her 2-year-old daughter only made matters worse. "I tried to shove things in the corner of the living room/ my craft area and warned my husband to stay away."

Fortunately, the cause of Borget's disorder offered a solution. A fabric-organizing pin inspired her to get things in order. From fabric, she moved to ribbon and tulle "and why not my whole living room while I'm at it?"

Now, "I'm constantly looking for ways to organize my daughter's toys, old clothes, books, tutus, bows. Plus my crafts, kitchen items, clothes, EVERYTHING!"

While crediting Pinterest with saving her marriage seems fun hyperbole on Borget's part, she writes that her husband – who points out handles his own fair share of housework — appreciates the result "He's just excited to be married to a real life Martha Stewart, I would be too."

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— Via Mashable

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