Heartbroken about NutriBullet Pro 900's 'safety hazard' rating? Try these other blenders

If your heart is stuck in your throat over the NutriBullet Pro 900 getting rated a "Don't Buy: Safety Hazard" by Consumer Reports, fret not. There are other recommended blenders out there to try to get your smoothie and puree fix that haven't been dinged for broken and cracked blades.

Nutri Ninja

NutriNinja Amazon

$90. 900-watt motor. Consumer Reports said it "made a very good icy drink" and "a superb puree." It also passed their durability test.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach blender Amazon

$20. 175-watt motor. WIRED praised this model for its compact size but noted its drinks came out slightly thicker.

Vitamix S30

Vitamix S30 Amazon

$460. 790 watts. Coming with both a 20 and 40 oz. container, the Vitamix is a sort of "two for one deal," said Dan Di Clerico, Consumer Reports Senior Home Editor. However, he noted the Nutri Ninja made a better smoothie. It also does it at about a fifth of the price.

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide

Blendtec Amazon

$449.95. 1,560 watts. For when you're willing to bump up to a larger size category, and you need to be able to blend an iPhone 5 into dust:

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