Now comes 'Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day'

March 7, 2011 at 5:00 PM ET

It didn't take long. Less than one week passed before Charlie Sheen had signed up to Twitter, amassed 2 million followers — and irritated enough people that now a publication is calling for Friday to be "Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day."

The Village Voice is pushing the campaign. The newly fired Sheen, who posted his first tweet just last Tuesday, has been entertaining those who follow his tweets with a variety of "Winning"-related aphorisms, but the crowd may be growing weary.

"Watching Charlie Sheen flame out again has been amusing, in part, but, much like his porn stars, we've taken to hiding in the bathroom and cringing," wrote Jen Doll on the Village Voice's blog. "That is to say, we've come to desire a rapid end of our time with him for a number of reasons. Among his "crimes," she writes:

• Repeated violence to women (he shot one, he threatened to behead another, and then there are the porn stars. Oh, the porn stars.)

• Spelling "corner" with a "k."

• Insulting Thomas Jefferson. Repeatedly.

• Certain men are now using him as a role model. This is not good.

• We're tired of #tigerblood and #winning. Really tired.

• Thinking about him and his porn star coterie is gross.

• He has kids. Come on.

• We have made him even more full of himself.

• It's not even Charlie Sheen tweeting, anyway.

Indeed, Sheen is now advertising for an intern, tied to help him with his social media campaign. There was no word on whether that intern will need to be a "goddess" to qualify.

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