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New service calls your mom when you use Foursquare

Jan. 27, 2012 at 10:45 AM ET

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"Call me when you get there! I love you!"

"Ok, mom. Love you, too."

"Wait! Did you take a sweater with you?"


Whether you're a child with concerned parents or a parent with forgetful youngsters, you've probably been on one end of that conversation at some point. You know the one — it's filled with reminders of motherly love and an emphasis on how important it is for a parent to know that her child arrived to a destination safely.

Unfortunately distractions, failing memories, and time-restrictions can easily interfere with the best of intentions and that "I got here safely" call may never come. And you know what happens then — hair turns grey, someone contemplates calling 911, visions of horrific accidents flash through a parent's mind, and so on.

Two fellas by the names of Jeff Weinstein and Stephen Pike want to put an end to that scenario though. So they created a service called #mom.

The service is pretty simple to use. All you have to do in order to get started is sign up at (which involves linking the service to your Foursquare account). From then on, anytime you tag a Foursquare check-in with "#mom," your mom will receive an automated call or text message notifying her of your arrival at a destination.

Not bad, right? Now if only Weinstein and Pike would create a service that magically makes forgotten sweaters appear in luggage, we'd be all set.

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