Mom: Ex-husband's wife needs jail-time for Craigslist sex-ad prank

July 5, 2011 at 10:22 AM ET

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Last week we told you about Natasha Larson, the woman arrested for impersonating her husband's ex-wife on Craigslist and sending strange men to her house — where her husband's two younger daughters reside — responding to the sex ads Larson placed. Now the ex-wife is speaking out, and says that Larson needs to suffer the consequences for endangering the children.

"I would like for her to spend some time in jail. I don't believe she is fit to take care of anybody's children. She can endanger her stepchildren as well as other people's children," said the ex-wife, Tracy Wilder, who will be in court tomorrow trying to get a permanent restraining order against Natasha Larson.

Wilder, ex-wife to Don Larson, whose current wife has gone the extra mile in repeated "sabotage" to keep him away from anyone who's not her, spoke to TODAY about this latest, over-the-top stunt.

We won't spoil the video (below) for you, but Wilder, based in Bradenton, Fla., did reveal some illuminating information:

First, there is no love triangle, as Wilder and Larson separated in 2004, divorce finalized in 2008, with the new Mrs. Larson getting together with him long after Wilder was out of the relationship. "But with the history she's displayed, the behavior she's displayed since they got together. My best guess is that's she's trying to keep Don and his children out of their lives.  She doesn't want our children in their lives."

Natasha Larson seems to have a history of being overly possessive of her husband, who had not seen his three children with Wilder for 19 months before December. (They have a 21-year-old son who does not live with Wilder.)

Wilder says Natasha Larson has even gone ballistic on Don Larson's mother — her mother-in-law — for trying to maintain a relationship with her grandchildren.

But with the Craigslist ad, Wilder knew things had escalated to a point that police had to be brought in.

She said that leading up to the stranger phone calls, text messages and visits, she had received numerous "vile" texts from Natasha Larson, who also seems to have impersonated her husband Don in placing messages from his phone to Wilder.

Wilder told TODAY that it all culminated in the Craigslist "prank."

But anyway …  when the Craigslist thing happened, I was asking him how he got my information, my name and number. We had hung up and I had figured out already what was going on and he hung up and said, "Oh, you should probably know that she also gave me your home address." And I was floored. I couldn't believe it. So that point it solidified who it was for me. It all made sense ...

I knew it was her. I have no clue why she wants to do this to me. We have had verbal arguments when she has either provoked me or gotten in the middle of me and Don with the kids. She has made verbal attacks on my kids calling them horrible names. So we have argued. But nothing recently. It was all in the past. And I don't what mother wouldn't stand up for their kids if someone is calling them names.

Then Wilder reveals details about how one of the strange men showed up at her door, telling her he was there for a date, and that Wilder's boyfriend "was in on it." 

Don Larson claims he wasn't in on his wife's actions, but Wilder says she's not sure what to believe. 

What do you believe?

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