Mitt Romney's new app is for a better 'AMERCIA' -- err, I mean 'America'

May 30, 2012 at 2:23 PM ET

Gizmodo /
The folks at Gizmodo managed to snag a screenshot of the misspelling in Mitt Romney's iPhone app before a correction was made.

The With Mitt iPhone app had just barely launched on Tuesday and it already had a popular Twitter hashtag. Mitt Romney's campaign staff would be ridiculously happy about these details — if only it weren't for a pesky little typo.

With Mitt is a simple app that lets you customize photos with Romney-themed slogans. You're basically supposed to show your support for the candidate by pasting things like "I'm a mom for Mitt" and "Obama isn't working" over your iPhone snapshots.

But as the folks at Gizmodo report, there was an unfortunate flaw with one of the slogans: America was spelled "Amercia."

Uh oh.

It didn't take the Romney campaign staff long to send "Version 1.0.1" of the app — which is described as having some "bug fixes" — to Apple, but the damage was already done. Twitter users went nuts, a new Tumblr blog was created, and plenty of media ridicule followed.

All of this because some poor fool somewhere forgot to spellcheck. Man, I better get this articel over to a copyeditor before a typo of mine brings down the Internet.

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