Lady Gaga

A lesson on success from Lady Gaga

April 18, 2011 at 3:26 PM ET

No doubt about it, Lady Gaga is a success. But is it a result of hard work, luck or was she just born this way?

Perhaps a little bit of luck, definitely some natural talent and, well, the pop music sensation didn't reach the top of the charts without rolling up her sleeves. As our partner notes, we can all learn a little bit from the patron saint of "Born This Way." Here are a few keys to her success:

1. Learn your craft well. She is classically trained and an accomplished musician who constantly practices.  

2. Nothing but quality goes out the front door. Ever.  

3. Don't be afraid to be different; you'll stand out from the crowd. It takes more than talent to be a rock star.  

4. Use social media every way you can to connect with fans (customers). Don't just communicate — respond and interact with them.  

For more advice from Lady Gaga, see Dayna Steele's post.

What do you think? Is Lady Gaga just another entertainer, or is she someone to emulate?