Lawyer sues ex-girlfriends over online relationship reviews

Jan. 30, 2012 at 1:02 PM ET

LiarsCheatersRUs /
LiarsCheatersRUs is a site which allows people to anonymously post "reviews" of the individuals they've dated.

Take a lawyer, his ex-girlfriends, a website which allows people to post "reviews" of their failed relationships, and add a dash of drama. Mix 'em all up and you'll get the story I'm about to tell you — a strange tale which reminds us that no one ever really wins when former lovers duke it out.

According to Staci Zaretsky at Above The Law, the mess started when Matthew Couloute Jr. — a former prosecutor and Court TV analyst —  realized that some entries on a website called LiarsCheatersRUs were making his life difficult.

LiarsCheatersRUs /
This screenshot shows a LiarsCheatersRUs entry about Matthew Couloute Jr., which was written by his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Ryncarz.

LiarsCheatersRUs is a site which allows people to anonymously post "reviews" of the individuals they've dated in order to warn their future lovers about cheatin' hearts and wanderin' eyes. Couloute had several such reviews written about him and — according to him — they're affecting what people who Google search him see and even causing him to lose legal clients.

So he decided to sue the women he believes wrote those scathing reviews of him.

LiarsCheatersRUs /
This screenshot shows a LiarsCheatersRUs entry about Matthew Couloute Jr., which was allegedly written by his ex-girlfriend, Stacey Blitsch.

Couloute's ex-girlfriends, Amanda Ryncarz and Stacey Blitsch, are subjects of his lawsuit. While Ryncarz has confessed that she is behind one of the anonymous reviews, Blitsch denies posting an entry on LiarsCheatersRUs. Both of the women are being represented by Gloria Allred, a lawyer known for taking on controversial cases — particularly those which focus on the protection of women's rights — and challenging controversial figures, among them O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner.

According to Above the Law, Allred explained that she believes Couloute's lawsuit shouldn't even be allowed in the first place:

I think the minimum the women should be allowed to do is to speak out and speak the truth about the men who they have had relationships [with] and about the men who have hurt them. We believe lawsuits like this should not be allowed. This is free speech. Women must have a voice and be able to speak to each other on matters of common interest without fear of being dragged into court.

Apparently Couloute's lawsuit will be heard in court early this year, so we'll have to wait just a bit longer to see how this particular tale plays out — and to know if we could be in legal jeopardy for venting about our ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends in a public forum.

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