Kids on 'Super Bass' girl: 'Should she be saying that?'

Nov. 21, 2011 at 12:49 PM ET

Viral video stars Sophia Grace and her silent cousin Rosie made the red carpet at Sunday night's American Music Awards, but didn't perform "Super Bass" with Nicki Minaj during her opening number, as they did on "Ellen."  

That may be a relief to some who question the appropriateness of an 8-year-old girl rapid-firing the lyrics to a song loaded with sexual double entendres and a couple of curse words. And it's not just adults.

Check out what kids close to Sophie's age say about her peformance in the latest "Kids React" video from YouTube's Fine Brothers.

Each week, the alleged brothers subject children to Internet flotsam and jetsam for the education and entertainment of adults. In this week's episode, kids watch Sophia and Rosie's original "Super Bass" performance — viewed over 21 million times since it hit YouTube on Sept. 19 — as well as their adorable "Ellen" performance with Minaj herself.

From "She's so cute!" to "She should not be saying that!" the reactions from these kids reveal they're just as ambivalent about this adorable YouTube video as adults.

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