Kids react to 'Best marriage proposal ever'

June 20, 2011 at 4:25 PM ET

Unlike the rest of the Internet (apparently), I am no fan of the extreme viral marriage proposal, even when they turn out to be thinly veiled marketing hoaxes. As I've written before, your proposal is the most important day in your life. Not mine. On a lesser note, not anyone else's either.

So imagine my relief to discover that future grups of tomorrow share my annoyance, news I got from the latest "Kids React" video from YouTube's the Fine Brothers. As with Rebecca Black's "Friday" and Charlie Sheen's ... um ... Charlie Sheen, the film-making siblings subject impressionable youth to pop culture ephemera for the amusement of adults.

This time it's the so-called "Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!" — a movie trailer-style proposal made by some guy named Matt and wedding photographer/videographer Michael Escobar, for Matt's fiance, Ginny. If you haven't seen the original video which went viral in May (i.e. you've been in "Alien"-style suspended animation or something), here it is below.

More viral videos from the Fine Brothers:

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