Kids also grossed out by Epic Meal Time

July 11, 2011 at 11:26 AM ET

This week's installment of the Fine Brothers' series of the darndest things kids say, or "Kids React to YouTube Stars," features the wee ones' honest evaluations of "Epic Meal Time," a YouTube show that defies all expectations of eating in moderation.

It's a show where 50-pound burgers seem normal, as does frying up whole packages of bacon (for a start), and combining those with a few other things to make some impossibly intimidating concoction.

"What happens when you show kids one of the biggest internet sensations in recent memory that also happen to show over the top, gross out mega food? You get a lot of disgusted, yet hungry kids," wrote Benny and Rafi Fine (who may not be brothers, they tell us. Uh huh.). "Our show tackles the biggest YouTube stars of the year 'Epic Meal Time' — stay tuned later this summer, as the EMT guys loved the video and will be bringing some of our cast to eat with them in a future episode of their show."

Until we see the kids on that show, this will do. The first boy on the screen is SUPER excited about the Epic Meal Time and looks like he's ready to devour on the spot. Just let 10-year-old William at it! He even subscribes to the EMT channel!

Another exclaims, "I don't even think Man Vs. Food does things like this!"

He may be right. Check out this burger that blows their minds. And ours.

"What types of ingredients were they using?" the Fine Brothers asked. "Meat, meat, meat" replied the young one.

So if you're veggie, you'd probably be super grossed out.

One smiles her sweet smile and says, "That's really sad because I don't eat meat. You just make veggie burgers." Only if they're GIANT, little girl, and only if they're also stacked with onion rings, ranch dip, a few Subway veggie subs and maybe a strawberry shortcake on top. (To keep it veggie, mind you.)

(She's the one who also wants "Epic Farm Time." Ok, then, Little Miss Granola!)

One little girl, six-year-old Morgan, admits, in a little voice: "Makes me hungry." Awww, yeah, you know it's true. She later looks at a guy trying to fit a double Dagwood sandwich in his mouth: "Oh my gosh, I don't even think he can finish that thing."

And yet, they always try.

The 10-year-old twins Megan and Shannon also admire the bacon. (Everything IS better with bacon, yo.) "Bacon looks good."

Of course, the girls, who hopefully won't rush out and speed up any eating disorders, are justifiably grossed out, and say so. As in, "Ewwww, gross."

But they also bring it on with their own imagined epic meals, including this doozy from Amir on what to put on top of his favorite food, spaghetti: pizza, ice cream, chocolate, octopus (Whoa there, fella! Talk about exotic!) and squid.

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