Khalfani-Cox: Divorce won't help your credit score

March 21, 2012 at 2:04 PM ET

Today Money financial expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox joined us for a live Web chat Wednesday to answer your questions.

Here’s one of her answers to questions from the live chat. (See below for the full Q&A.)

Barbara asked:

“Will filing for my divorce help my credit score? My husband and I have a house in foreclosure (I have already purchased a condo and moved away) and I would like to know if going back to my maiden name will help. Or is my credit ruined for the next 7 years? Thank you.”

Lynnette replied:

“Filing for divorce - in and of itself - will neither help nor hurt your credit score. Neither will going back to your maiden name. Lenders and creditors will still evaluate your credit history primarily based on your payment track record. And regardless of your name (surname, married name, or maiden name), banks and other credit grantors (and certain credit scoring companies) will certainly be able to tie your current name to your old name because your identity is linked through one all-important thing: your social security number.”

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