Julian Assange disco video is awesomely viral

April 1, 2011 at 5:47 PM ET

Will Julian Assange ever stop giving? Will the Internet ever disappoint?

Just last week I was certain in my heart that nothing would ever make me choke on guffaws harder than "Julian Assange: House Guest," a true story revealing "video evidence of systematic crimes against hospitality." Then on April 1, notoriously the Most Annoying Day on the Internet, brings this! Reports Hyper Vocal:

The story goes, one night Seth was out DJing at a club in Reykjavik. "Much speculation has taken place over his dancing skills. He owned the dance floor that night for sure!" claims the DJ, who happened to be recording the dance floor to bring us this happy accident.

The blog posts about his college co-ed conquests. The OK Cupid singles ad. The CouchSurfing.org profile. Now THIS! I just don't understand how Julian Assange keeps being everything I want him to be. And he just keeps being everything I want him to be so intensely! Julian Assange is who Charlie Sheen WISHES to be! Julian Assange is battle tested bayonets, baby!

I just wonder what the world hasn't seen of Mr. Julian Assange. If we're so far into the WikiLeaks, and we're just seeing this disco travesty now, how much better can it continue to get?!

I can't imagine ... unless it's the Julian Assange disco video spliced with Rebecca Black's "Friday" ... with maybe a few cuts to Radiohead's dancin' Thom Yorke.

Oh wait! Here's that video now! Thanks Buzzfeed, I totally owe you a Coke!

"How is this even news?!" you ask? Then you'll hate these stories too:

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