Human statue punches heckler over 'Wet Willie'

March 18, 2013 at 11:27 AM ET

Video: A human statue is being investigated after punching an apparently drunken heckler after pushing the performer a bit too far. David Mulder has apologized for losing his cool, but received support from around the world.

Human statues are common at tourists attractions worldwide and we've all wondered just how far they would go to keep their perfect composure.

A video uploaded Friday of a heckler harassing one such street performer on the Caville Ave pedestrian shopping mall in Queensland, Australia, provides the answer: A "Wet Willie" is over the line.

Richard Choeun, 21, who took the video last Saturday, told NBC News the heckler "got a bloody mouth."

"People were just like 'Oh!' or 'Wow! 'Haha.' Nothing much was said, but people were just shocked, but also knew he deserved it," said the event management student from Brisbane.

The heckler "walked away pretending that nothing happened," said Choeun, but, "you could tell that he was ashamed."