Hot topics: Pricey weddings, who works hardest, $6k toilets

April 29, 2011 at 2:15 PM ET

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images /

All eyes were on Will and Kate Friday, but plenty of other brides and grooms will be walking down the aisle over the next few months.

This month in Life Inc., we discussed how all weddings – not just royal ones – can quickly become pricey affairs. Carmen Wong Ulrich also weighed in on why parents shouldn’t help fund the big day if it means they’ll have to put themselves in debt, and we offered some unsolicited advice to brides who are thinking of changing their names.

There was that other little thing happening in April that you may have forgotten about: Tax day. Life Inc. readers had a lot to say about this graphic on who’s footing the U.S. tax bill.

We’re also supremely concerned with our jobs here at Life Inc. Specifically, readers were very interested in who in the world works hardest, why unemployment can literally be a killer and whether college students should stop drinking and start networking.

Of course, having a job has its pitfalls as well: Another popular Life Inc. post this month revealed that one in four have faced an office bully.

Home improvement also is top of mind. Many of you were fascinated by this colorful way to avoid foreclosure, and you had a lot to say about a toilet that costs more than $6,000. A good gift for Will and Kate, perhaps?

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