Hot topics: Paying without a paycheck, the point of college and BBQ cologne

July 1, 2011 at 1:38 PM ET

Nearly four years into a tough economic climate, chances are you know someone – or have yourself – dealt with a bout of unemployment.

A June Life Inc. post on how people without work are paying the bills touched a nerve – and sparked a lot of sympathy  – in many readers.

But while we may feel for our unemployed friends and acquaintances, we’d apparently be hesitant to walk down the aisle for them. Only 20 percent of readers said they’d marry someone who was unemployed, according to our unscientific poll; the rest would either wait or just say no.

The vast majority of us who do have jobs feel like we’re working harder than ever, according to another poll accompanying this popular post on how productivity, but not necessarily wages, have gone up over the past few decades.

Sounds like we’ve all earned a three-day weekend. The Fourth of July weekend is often a barbecue bonanza, but don’t let your nose fool you: Some of that BBQ smell may not be coming from the grill.

A post earlier this month about a barbecue sauce-scented cologne had many of our Life Inc. readers excited … and a little grossed out.

Also in June, David Bach reminded us that it’s never too late to save for retirement, and Sharon Epperson gave tips on where to stash your emergency fund.

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