Hot topics: Jerks at work, rainy day funds and how the rich stay rich

May 31, 2011 at 1:34 PM ET

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The workplace jerk isn’t just an annoyance; he or she is also potentially a killer.

A study released this month showing that the risk of an early death is greatly reduced for people with high levels of social support on the job got many loyal Life Inc. readers talking about the importance of working with good people.

Conventional wisdom has typically held that one way to land a good job - though not necessarily good co-workers - is to go to college. But these days, some are questioning that logic. One entrepreneur thinks he has a solution: Just skip it.

A post this month about a guy who’s paying students to pursue their dreams instead of their degrees definitely got your attention. Still, the majority of you saw it as a stunt rather than a serious way to debate the merits of college, according to our online poll.

We do know that college students are more likely to make better salaries over their lifetime, but will they spend it wisely?

A study that concluded that half of Americans may not be able to come up with $2,000 in an emergency prompted a heated debate over how easy it is to save for a rainy day in this tough economy – no matter what your income level is.

Here’s how some rich people keep their emergency fund stocked: by being frugal. A post about how wealthy people are more like to be online bargain hunters also got you talking about the virtues of looking for a good deal.

Also this month, David Bach offered some simple advice for getting rid of credit card telemarketers and Sharon Epperson had tips for maximizing your frequent flyer miles.

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