Hot topics: Cap'n Crunch, the tax man, divorce and vending machines

March 28, 2011 at 5:34 PM ET

It appears that Cap'n Crunch has survived the mutiny ... at least for now.

We here at Today Money learned a valuable lesson this month: Don’t mess with our readers’ sugary cereals.

A Life Inc. post about future plans for Cap’n Crunch was among our most popular stories in March, drawing in hundreds of thousands of readers who couldn’t bear to see anything happen to their favorite early morning sugar high. A follow-up story on the future plans for the Cap’n was also a big talker.

Even if you like to eat kid’s cereal, you still have to do grown-up stuff like pay taxes. But you don’t have to like it.

A Life Inc. post about the Internal Revenue Service’s response to all those reasons some people think they don’t have to pay taxes also got a lot of you talking … about how much you hate paying taxes.

While we’re on the subject of arrested development, this month many of you also wondered why more adults aren’t smarter than a high school student, when it comes to financial literacy anyway.

Even if you aced that test, there's always room for improvement when it comes to financial literacy, and our experts are here to help. This month, Suze Orman had advice for people who can’t control their spending, career diva Eve Tahmincioglu answered reader questions how to get a job despite a gap in employment and Farnoosh Torabi answered questions about building credit and checking your credit score.

The recession has been hard on many of us, but it’s been especially tough for these couples who have been forced to wait to divorce because of the economic effects of the recession.  This story sparked a passionate debate about when it is right to divorce, and for what reasons.

On a lighter note: Hairy crabs, fried chicken, high-end electronics – you can get anything from a vending machine these days, if you just go to the right country. This slide show on vending machines was a big hit with readers, and sure makes the office candy machine look like a snooze. 

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