Grocery shopping, man-style

May 25, 2011 at 7:35 AM ET

AP /

Despite the current zeitgeist in which men are light-beer ad oafs who aren’t even smart enough to understand the latest Judd Apatow movie aping (pun intended) them, it seems the recession may have sharpened some bros’ life skills.

Supermarket News reports that although fewer men than women have changed what they spend on in the downturn, 54 percent of guys are adjusting by doing things like eating out less. In addition, 35 percent shop multiple stores to find the lowest price.

They also, apparently, are only buying the things they need rather than having a survivalist cache of stuff (oh no, what will this mean for Costco?).

“Our research shatters the stereotype of clueless men wandering around a grocery store,” John McIndoe, executive of the company who conducted the research, told SN in a statement.

It’s something we’ll ponder next time we’re filling our cart with Hungry-Mans in the frozen food aisle. Hey! What are you looking at? This is for lunch at work. Cafeteria food is lousy and expensive! We cook!

Guys, how do you shop at the grocery store? Ladies, how do you see men shopping at the grocery store?