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Got $57? You're on your way to owning Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX

Dec. 16, 2013 at 11:19 AM ET

Amazon is offering a nine-month payment plan for its line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets.
Amazon is offering a nine-month payment plan for its line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Spend all of your Christmas cash on a $10,000 gold-plated Xbox One? Don't worry, Amazon is making sure you can still afford to put a Kindle Fire HDX tablet under the tree by giving you nine months to pay for it. 

The deal, originally spotted by All Things D, works like this: When you buy either the 7-inch or 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX, originally $229 and $379, respectively, you now have the option of paying only 25 percent of the cost upfront. 

The next payments are spread out over three 90-day periods, with no interest charged or credit check conducted by Amazon.

That means, until midnight on Dec. 24, you can hand over only $57.25 for the 7-inch model or $94.75 for the 8.9-inch one, and start playing with your tablet right away.

What happens if you don't pay? Then Amazon has the "right to deregister your Kindle Fire HDX device, which will block your ability to access Amazon content from your Kindle Fire HDX device, and suspend or terminate your account."

Still, for someone who feels overwhelmed by Christmas expenses, this could be a good way to get a solid tablet without going broke before the new year. 

"While the HDX — either the 7-incher or the 8.9-incher — may be no match for the similarly sized iPad, its lower cost and much-improved user experience does make it an irresistible second tablet," wrote Wilson Rothman of NBC News in a November review

And that was before you could get one for $57 down. Sadly, Amazon's drone delivery service won't be up in time for Christmas, meaning you will have to depend on Santa or the UPS man to get you your tablet. 

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