Girl shoots father with arrow -- for taking away her cellphone

May 26, 2011 at 1:01 PM ET

As if being a parent isn't difficult enough already, you apparently now have to worry that your child might shoot you with an arrow if you take away his or her cellphone.

Don't believe that your precious darling could ever do that? I bet the 35-year-old Washington resident with a hole in his torso didn't think his daughter was capable of such an assault either.

The Sky Valley Chronicle reports that a man from the small community of Tahuya, Washington was admitted to a hospital "with a serious injury" after his 15-year-old daughter shot him with a hunting arrow:

Authorities say the shooting happened about 8:00 pm when the 15-year-old daughter became angry because her father took her cell phone away for discipline.

And after shooting him the girl allegedly refused to let her father use the phone, which forced him to crawl to a neighbor's home to phone 911.

The girl then ran into the woods behind her home with the bow and a few dozen arrows. That's where authorities found and caught her shortly after the incident. According to the Associated Press, the she was arrested "for investigation of first-degree assault."

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