The gift of spending: now you can give your loved ones Amazon Prime

Nov. 22, 2013 at 3:03 PM ET


If you're not sure what to get someone for the holidays this year, maybe it's best to let them choose for themselves. But if a gift card seems a bit too predictable, you can now sign them up for Amazon Prime and watch them spend themselves silly.

Amazon's popular premium service gives users free shipping, unlimited streaming video, and a few other perks. But not everyone is convinced it's for them — so they must be initiated into the system without their knowledge.

Point your browser to Amazon's "Gift Prime" page and you can sign someone up for an account, but beware: you can't choose the duration. The only option is $79 for a full year of Prime; if you were hoping to throw down for just a month or two, sorry.

Not sure if someone is Primed or not? You can always ask, but if the recipient is already in the system, they'll receive a $79 gift card — so you won't have to think of something else.

Devin Coldewey is a contributing writer for NBC News Digital. His personal website is