Forget OKCupid! Let OK Go find your latest true love

March 20, 2012 at 12:17 PM ET

Between the fake science of Internet dating sites and your own lousy taste, you've got as much of a shot finding happiness online as you do resolving the childhood issues dooming you from any meaningful bond.

So why not let quirky Illinois pop quartet OK Go employ its Rube Goldberg-inspired gimmickry to find your latest future ex?

Seriously, you could do worse.

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OK Go-pid's dating science in action!

"I never thought I'd find love, and then the ball bearing launched the dart into Hailey's balloon!" enthuses one randomly matched man in "OK Gopid's" dating site "commercial."

"We have nothing in common," agrees Hailey. "But it was really cool to watch!"



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