Finally! An app to help the truly fashion-challenged

Dec. 19, 2011 at 1:37 PM ET

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The irony of writing a post about a fashion app while dressed in gray kitty-cat pajamas, an oversized shirt of questionable origin, and fuzzy red socks is not lost on me. Fortunately Cloth — the app I'm intending to introduce to you — can help those who seriously struggle when it comes to selecting outfits.

Cloth costs two bucks and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store. (The app is currently on sale for just a buck as part of a limited time promotional offer.) It is the brainchild of Maxim senior editor Seth Porges and fashion designer Wray Serna — and it will help you dress better.

You see, Cloth is designed to track outfits. Which means that anytime you put together a snazzy ensemble — whether thanks to pure skill or sheer dumb luck — you'll be able to enter it into Cloth for future reference.

Cloth /

All you have to do is snap a photo of the outfit, add some notes or tags, and you're done. (If you want, you can also push the photo out via your preferred social networks or even submit it to the Cloth website.)

When it's time to get dressed again, you can look up the fantastic outfits of fashionable days past by scrolling through the Feed tab or by selecting a category in the Wardrobe section.

Here's how that looks in action:

Now before you start yelling at me, please understand that I'm aware that an app like Cloth won't exactly instantly turn walking fashion disasters into great dressers. (Believe me, I'm all too aware of that fact!) But the reality is that keeping track of what you do — or in this case, wear — and studying what works and what doesn't will gradually help you improve.

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