Fans react to Monopoly's token vote: Don't touch a thing!

Jan. 10, 2013 at 3:32 PM ET

Hasbro may have underestimated their fans’ loyalty to Monopoly. An announcement that the company will replace one of the iconic game’s tokens next month with a fan-selected newbie has Monopoly players everywhere clamoring.   

The worldwide Facebook vote asks fans to decide which classic game piece should go, and which new token should be added.

We asked TODAY's Facebook fans to weigh in: Which of the pieces on the chopping block – the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow – would they save?  

Many nostalgically voted for the pup:

Christine Bishop-Maul

The Scottie Dog was always my favorite!

Rose Pfisterer Evard

Save the Scottie, add a Kitty!

Kate Mata

Keep the dog! Everyone always wanted to be the dog! Lol!!

Leslie Rogers

I love the dog so save the dog.

Lisa Best

the Scottie is my piece don't do away with it

Lara Nardell

Save The Scottie!!!!

Others had no problem offering opinions on which token should get the ax (our condolences, thimble and iron):

Harold Jones

Thimble needs to go!! Go take it. Away!

JoElla Miller-Zimmerman

Send the thimble to jail!

Melanie Patterson

Get rid of the STUPID thimble. I always wondered about that piece.

Nancy Nagy

the iron needs to be flattened...and hello kitty!

Lesia Burnett-Sharpensteen

 Leave it be...Although no one ever wanted the iron...

The overwhelming majority, though, asked that Monopoly stay exactly as it is:

Rebecca Grimm Bailey

Why change it up??? It's classic and represent the era from whence it came!! Change is good, but not in this case. Love Monopoly!

Judy Hayes Nelson

Please, please do not take away from our historical heritage this great classic game. Leave it alone and just add another token and more funds so that more can play. This is our family "tradition" game that all play including the young ones. A new token or two would be great!

Meghan O’Brien

Don’t get rid of ANY!!!!!!!!

Cordie Myles

Don't change any of the piece just add more. My children and I play monopoly daily and I won a lot of money playing with the wheel barrel. Don’t change anything.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Why even change? This is a classic game. Leave it alone!

While some fans were overwhelmed by the idea of change, others offered alternatives to the current replacements in consideration:

Mary Stanley

Keep the Scotty! Don't lose any of the originals. Not sure if I like the new ones. How about a tiny lap top?

Daniel Collins

Make one of the pieces a Twinkie!!!!!

What do you think? Should the Scottie stay and the thimble go? Or is Monopoly too iconic a board game to touch? Visit our Facebook page and let us know.

And remember to mark your calendars: Hasbro will reveal the new token exclusively on the TODAY show on Feb. 6. 

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