Facebook event declines get a little less rude

Nov. 17, 2011 at 1:34 PM ET

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A schematic of the changes to Facebook Events, as posted by Facebook software engineer Bob Baldwin.

Facebook has changed its Events pages so that it's OK to just say "no" to an invite without others seeing who's declined. (Dang! That makes it harder to decide whether to go to some events, no?)

As TechCrunch points out, you "can still find out who couldn’t just be cordial and leave the invitation pending by drilling into the renamed 'Going' ' Maybe' and 'Invited' categories. Facebook’s goal is likely to get more people accurately responding to invitations by making them feel less rude for declining."

The change was shared on the social networking site by Facebook software engineer Bob Baldwin, who posted a schematic.

"Looking forward to hiding declined invitations, that's a good idea," commented one person on Baldwin's page, and another said "Well done, simple and clear."

Another positive change: If you're getting repeated invites from someone, and that's annoying you, as is the person, you can "now block them from sending you them straight from the decline step rather than having to visit your privacy settings," TechCrunch said.

You can still do it that way, of course. Head over to the "Home" drop-down menu, choose "Privacy Settings," then where you see "Blocked People and Apps," click on "Manage Blocking." From there, you'll be able to block individual users (and you can unblock them if you have a change of heart or mind), as well as apps (particularly those rogue apps that have been pestering many users with porn recently).

— Via TechCrunch

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