Facebook achieves partial world domination

March 25, 2011 at 11:12 AM ET

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A recent study claims that more than half of all Americans over the age of twelve have Facebook profiles. Shouldn't be long before the social network has achieved total world domination.

According to media and marketing research firm Edison Research, the results of a study it conducted in partnership with Arbitron, Inc — another research firm — will be released soon. But to get us all worked up over the report, a tiny statistical gem has already been revealed.

You see, it seems that according to a national survey of 2,020 persons over the age of twelve, "51% of all adults 12+ have profiles on [Facebook]."

Edison Research explains that this is just part of an impressive growth trend for the social networking site:

We have been tracking the growth of Facebook since 2008, and have watched it go from 8% usage just three years ago, to 51% today. In our presentation on April 5th you will also see the remarkable year-over-year growth of Facebook users especially among people over age 35, trends on frequency of usage, and the uptake of social networking on mobile phones.

We'll be keeping an eye out for the full report and studying it carefully in order to polish up on our own world domination skills.

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's a bit obsessed with Twitter, loves to be liked on Facebook, and still believes that she'll rule the world one day.