Etsy 'sweatshops' exposed in hilarious new video

Aug. 21, 2012 at 4:01 PM ET

We're quick to congratulate ourselves on the adorable geegaws and handcrafted trifles we purchase on Etsy, the Internet craft nexus. Why, we say, we're supporting independent artisans with one-of-a-kind purchases, right? But never once do we think about how the Custom Snuggly Pug Hat or Cthulhu Octopus scented soap sausage gets made.

Until now.

Online comedy outfit K-LOL takes us inside the Greenpoint, Brooklyn basements and Silver Lake, Los Angeles craft shop supply rooms to reveal sweatshops that "take advantage of our nation's hipster girls," with all the maudlin verve of Sarah McLachlan making you change the channel.

If you managed to make it all the way through, you'll be asked to give to the Manic Pixie Dream Fund, where just $2,000 a month is enough to keep one of these "unskilled," and "emotionally erratic" souls comfortable in a loft apartment, flush with Pabst Blue Ribbon, improv lessons and cute gloves.

Won't you give to the Manic Pixie Dream Fund today?

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