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April 19, 2011 at 10:12 AM ET

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If you're looking at these words, odds are that you're either unaware that it's Digital Detox Week, just plain don't care about Internet campaigns, or really can't resist ignoring instructions in headlines. No matter which reason applies though, you might as well keep reading and learn a bit more about the pseudo-holiday you're not observing.

The Adbusters Media Foundation, a network of artists, activists, educators, and similar, proposed the idea of Digital Detox Week not in an attempt to "dwell on the pitfalls of our electronic devices but to reflect on ourselves."

The campaign is quite similar to the National Day of Unplugging — except that it lasts a whole week, obviously — and it suggests that you need to take some time away from technology.

According to Adbusters, you should spend that time taking some "zen moments," slowing down, and reconnecting with reality. In other words: You should explore the real world for a while.

And while you're exploring that high-definition, pixel-free world, you should probably ponder the sobering paragraph found on the website describing Digital Detox Week:

Adbusters /

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