Don't click! Facebook 'Dislike' button is a fraud

May 16, 2011 at 12:25 PM ET

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Ain't happenin'

Facebook does not offer a "Dislike" button, and no matter how many "Dislike button" Facebook page petitions you "Like," how many chickens you sacrifice and how many birthday candles you waste, there likely will never be one. 

Think about it.

"Dislike" just doesn't fit with the Facebook credo, which is about social connections and promoting things. It doesn't work like YouTube, where you're rating one thing — videos — with an thumbs-up or down. Facebook wants everyone — including and/or especially product pages — to have a thumbs up experience. And let's face it: You people can't be trusted. Give the unwashed Internet masses the ability to "Dislike" something, and most assuredly things will get ugly fast.

Problem is, lots of Facebook users don't think about it. And so, the Facebook "Dislike" button scam, so popular in Sept. 2010, is back in fashion, tricking those blinded by hope into fouling up the walls of their Facebook friends with annoying spam.

Sophos reports:

Like the "Preventing Spam / Verify my account"scam which went before it, the scammers have managed to waltz past Facebook's security to replace the standard "Share" option with a link labelled "Enable Dislike Button".

The fact that the "Enable Dislike Button" link does not appear in the main part of the message, but lower down alongside "Link" and "Comment", is likely to fool some users into believing that it is genuine.

Clicking on the link, however, will not only forward the fake message about the so-called "Fakebook Dislike button" to all of your online friends by posting it to your profile, but also run obfuscated Javascript on your computer.

You know the old saying: Those who don't remember Facebook spam scams are destined to annoy their friends. 

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It's a trap!

Facebook says it's working with major Web browsers to fix the security holes that allow malicious apps to slip into the social network. Last week, Facebook rolled out security updates to help clean up the site. But common sense can go a long way towards not annoying your friends, too.

Consider the case of the "Dislike" button which you're asked to click to install.

When was the last time you had to install a Facebook update? You can enable or disable, opt out or opt in by checking boxes in your account settings. But whenever you have to "accept" an application, you're giving permission to a third party, not Facebook.

Scammers (both on Facebook and IRL) repeatedly trick users by offering something that appeals to our overwhelming curiosity and/or vanity. If the President of the United States says he's not going to show you pictures of Osama bin Laden's corpse, your next best bet is Wikileaks, and not a Facebook app.

Further, no Facebook app can show you who's been "stalking" your profile — that's against Facebook's Terms of Service. 

Other things you'll never see on Facebook? Let's review: That video of that thing Justin Bieber did to that girl, what happened when that girl's dad walked in on her and an authentic message from Facebook WRITTEN IN CAPS LOCK.


And if you want to see what you'll look like when you're older? Wait.

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