The credit agencies have you in economy class

May 17, 2011 at 7:57 AM ET

Maybe you could cash in your rewards points to get on the list.

According to the New York Times, the three major credit reporting agencies have a velvet rope of sorts when it comes to customer service. On one side are VIPs, including celebrities, politicians, judges and other important types, according to the Times’ research.

On the other side: You, most likely.

When you call customer service to make the case that you didn’t order any packages of jewelry shipped to Uzbekistan, you’ll get a phone tree (go figure). But when the VIPs call, they have a live human waiting for them and, according to one lawyer familiar with the practice, errors on their accounts are usually fixed immediately. You will be waiting until the next prime-numbered day after the third working Wednesday of next month.

The Times notes that regular folks may have to deal with the court system to get errors rectified.

The agencies, for their part, say that everyone has access to a live person, or deny that any dual standard exists. Or that there aren’t any VIPs, just prominent people with special circumstances.

Ever had to correct a credit mistake? How’d it go?