Colbert's head is a tiny pistachio in 'Wonderful' ad

Feb. 2, 2014 at 10:24 PM ET

Video: The Comedy Central funnyman cracks up in a Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios.

Stephen Colbert got cracking in his "Wonderful Pistachios" ad, delivering one of the few genuinely funny spots of the game.

The ad, a tweak on the brand's familiar ads starring celebrities, aired in two 15-second parts. The first featured a straight-forward Colbert in a room, with a bag of pistachios and an eagle. "I'm wonderful. They're wonderful. I think we're done here." The ad ends then ends abruptly. 

Another followup spot aired shortly after. Now every surface has been drenched in bright green "Wonderful Pistachios" signs, and Colbert himself wears a "Wonderful Pistachios" suit. 

"Evidently sales have not skyrocketed in the past 30 seconds due to a lack of branding," he says. "So let's take care of that. Pistachio, pistachio," he says, pointing at various pistachio-covered objects.

Then he pulls apart his head to reveal a tiny pistachio head inside and says with cocked eyebrow, "pistachio." Simply nuts, and spot on.