Coca-Cola greens up on Facebook Places

June 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM ET

Why are 10,000 recycle bins registered on Facebook Places? It's Coca-Cola's new green-themed publicity stunt.

The company ran a Facebook campaign in Israel to motivate people to recycle their plastic Coke bottles (and admittedly, buy more Coke). They uploaded the location of more than 10,000 recycle bins in that country to Facebook Places, and asked customers to check in on Facebook every time they did the green thing by popping a Coke bottle in the trash can.

The stunt had a good turnout, Coca-Cola tells us in their promo video. Thousands of people checked in, uploaded photos and "shared their recycling experience." 

Like any slick crowd pleaser, this campaign also came with bait. The most active participant was tracked and crowned "Recycling King," thus rewarded with a few moments of Facebook fame.

The campaign has ended, but the company wants us to know that people in Israel are now aware of how easy it is to track recycling bins in the country.

Social media users already have a green and social conscience, a study last month tells us; if that's the case, Coca-Cola did the smart thing by playing to an easy crowd.

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