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Chat with Allison Linn on jobs outlook for 2011

Dec. 30, 2010 at 3:26 PM ET

TODAY Money expert and senior writer Allison Linn chatted live with readers on Thursday afternoon about the job outlook for 2011.

Here are two questions from the sessi0n and the complete archive.

Ruth asks:I work as an EA in Silicon Valley for a private equity firm. I am used to seeing salaries and bonuses increase every year. Although it seems like the salaries have come down dramatically. Do you see that improving in the coming year?

Allison: As the economy improves, I do think we will see employers give small wage increases or increase hours before hiring new employees. In the end, employers don't want to lose their best workers. Still, I don't think we're going to see big raises or major bonuses for a while, because companies are still pretty nervous.


Allison:It's definitely true that even as employers start hiring, they are offering temp jobs or entry-level type work, more to kind of dip their toe in than to commit to major hiring. However, we do hope to see more full-time, benefits-included jobs in the coming year.



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