Buzz: A few of the things we hate about work

July 27, 2012 at 10:30 AM ET

Between the lousy pay, the forced overtime and the co-workers with poor and public hygiene habits, it’s no wonder so many people look forward to Friday with such a vengeance.

This week in Life Inc., we tackled workplace grievances big and small, and readers had plenty to say about both.

A post on the record increase in complaints that workers are getting shortchanged on pay prompted hundreds of readers to weigh in on who is to blame for the problem, and whether there is a solution.

Some said they would never stand for such treatment.

“I don't know about the rest of you, but I make sure I do good work, and then I make sure I get paid for that good work. And I don't consider my opinion of my work as the only assessment. Don't know if that philosophy works for anyone else, but for me, I've never given a company time for no pay,” another reader wrote.

But others lamented that this was an all-too-familiar problem for them.

“Happens to me. I put at least an extra full day of work every week -- it's on the time clock, but I never get paid. They want everyone working more, but will never pay you for more than 40 hours a week. The extra work is just to maintain job security, I suppose,” one reader wrote.

With the unemployment rate hovering above 8 percent, many Americans feel they have no choice but to put up with a lot from employers, including low and stagnant wages.

Another Life Inc. post this week found that many Americans are feeling insecure about their finances, but a big culprit is low wages, not lack of jobs.

Many readers lamented that they haven’t had a raise in years, even as expenses have gone up.

“My wages have been stagnant for 2 years. My taxes have gone up. My real estate taxes have skyrocketed, my fuel has increased, groceries cost more, and my electric bill is billowing,” one reader wrote.

If you’re working harder for the same wage, you may feel especially aggrieved if you also have to spend your workday dealing with co-workers who clip their nails at their desk or walk around in bare, stinky feet.

A post this week on workplace hygiene habits prompted a lot of readers to share their icky tales from the trenches.

Nearly half the more than 19,000 readers who took our poll said no personal hygiene is appropriate at your desk – and many wondered why people can’t just take care of that business at home.

“Had a co-worker (finally gone!!!) that would clip his nails at least once daily. After he left, we found a desk drawer of clippings! Gross,” one reader wrote.

Another common gripe: People who don’t wash their hands enough.

“What bothers me greatly are those who don't wash their hands after being in the bathroom - and then go and get ice from the ice tray -- ewww,” another wrote.

Still, some readers wondered why it is such a big deal if someone chooses to brush hair, apply makeup or even clip nails at work.

“Oh come on, why in the world would anyone get upset about ANY of these activities? I am tired of people just LOOKING for ways to be offended,” one reader wrote.

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